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The Conflict
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Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel addressed the United Nations General Assembly.

Benjamin Netanyahu UN General Assembly
Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN General Assembly.
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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Table of Contents
The Arab-Israeli Conflict

- The Territories
Legal Aspects of Controlling the Territories
- Israel's Major Wars
Arab losses caused by unlawful acts of aggression in 1948.
- Arab-Israeli Peace Agreements
Arab-Israeli Conflict
- A Secure Israel
Security: A Condition for Peace (PDF)
- Charters/Constitutions/Declarations
Israel's Declaration of Independence
FATEH Constitution
PLO Charter
Hamas Charter
- Children Dying To Kill
A Society that Consciously Sacrifices its Own Youth
- Freedom of Religion
Protecting all Faiths
- Human Rights
A Record Incompatible With the Civilized World
- Incitement
The Engine Driving Global Terrorism
- International Instruments
Article 49 - The Geneva Convention
Article 51 - The Right to Self-Defence
The 1949 "Green Line" is not a Recognized Border
Resolution 2625 - When Use of Force is Lawful
UN Security Council Resolution 1269
UN Security Council Resolution 1368
UN Security Council Resolution 1373
UN Security Council Resolution 1377
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
U.S. and U.K. Treaty of 1925
- Jerusalem
One Nation's Capital Throughout History (PDF)
One Nation's Capital Throughout History (PDF) - Hebrew
One Nation's Capital Throughout History (PDF) - French
- United Nations Bias
The United Nations was created to prevent war and establish a forum for the Family of Nations, but it has lost its way as a beacon of hope and as a world champion for peace.
- This Land is My Land - The "Mandate for Palestine"
The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” English - PDF (Book)
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” English - HTML
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” Hebrew - PDF (Book)
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” English - PDF (Slideshow)
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” Hebrew - PDF (Slideshow) )
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” Hebrew - HTML (Slideshow)
- United Nations Resolutions
Resolution 95: Passage of Israeli Ships through the Suez Canal.
Resolution 181: The Partition Plan.
Resolution 194: English - (PDF Version)
Resolution 194: English - (HTML Version)|
Resolution 194: Hebrew - (PDF Version)
Resolution 242: English - (HTML Version)
Resolution 242: English - (PDF Version)
Resolution 338: A reaffirmation of 242.
Resolution 1397: Public endorsement of a future Palestinian state.
Resolution 1515: Endorsement of the Road Map as a Blueprint for Peace
- Chapters VI and VII of the UN Charter
The Powers of the UN Security Council
- The U.S.-Israel Special Relationship
Real Democracies Shared Values
- Rejectionism
Over 100 Years of Chronic Arab Rejectionism
- The European Union
No Innocent Bystander, No Honest Broker
- Palestinians
Entity Defined by its Opposition to Zionism
- Do Palestinians Deserve Statehood
EU Hypocrisy: Benchmark Turks readiness for EU membership versus Palestinians readiness for statehood.
- Refugees
Arab and Jewish Refugees - The Contrast (PDF)
- Antisemitism
Antisemitism means discrimination and hatred against Jews and Israel. Requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other free and democratic state - is antisemitism.
- Nakba: Victims of Their Own Doing
As the British began to dismantle their Mandate and leave western Palestine, Israel’s War of Independence began.
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