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The Conflict
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Governor Huckabee on current Israeli/Palestinian peace talks.

CNN Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer: Israel
Governor Huckabee on current mid-east peace talks
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The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Table of Contents
The Arab-Israeli Conflict

- The Territories
Legal Aspects of Controlling the Territories
- Israel's Major Wars
Arab losses caused by unlawful acts of aggression in 1948.
- Arab-Israeli Peace Agreements
Arab-Israeli Conflict
- A Secure Israel
Security: A Condition for Peace (PDF)
- Charters/Constitutions/Declarations
Israel's Declaration of Independence
FATEH Constitution
PLO Charter
Hamas Charter
- Children Dying To Kill
A Society that Consciously Sacrifices its Own Youth
- Freedom of Religion
Protecting all Faiths
- Human Rights
A Record Incompatible With the Civilized World
- Incitement
The Engine Driving Global Terrorism
- International Instruments
Article 49 - The Geneva Convention
Article 51 - The Right to Self-Defence
UN Security Council Resolution 1269
UN Security Council Resolution 1368
UN Security Council Resolution 1373
UN Security Council Resolution 1377
Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
- Jerusalem
One Nation's Capital Throughout History (PDF)
One Nation's Capital Throughout History (PDF) - Hebrew
One Nation's Capital Throughout History (PDF) - French
- This Land is My Land - The "Mandate for Palestine"
The Legal Aspects of Jewish Rights
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” English - PDF (Book)
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” English - HTML
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” Hebrew - PDF (Book)
Commentary – “Mandate for Palestine” English - Powerpoint (Slideshow)
- United Nations Resolutions
Resolution 95: Passage of Israeli Ships through the Suez Canal.
Resolution 181: The Partition Plan.
Resolution 194: English - (PDF Version)
Resolution 194: English - (HTML Version)|
Resolution 194: Hebrew - (PDF Version)
Resolution 242: English - (HTML Version)
Resolution 242: English - (PDF Version)
Resolution 338: A reaffirmation of 242.
Resolution 1397: Public endorsement of a future Palestinian state.
Resolution 1515: Endorsement of the Road Map as a Blueprint for Peace
- Chapters VI and VII of the UN Charter
The Powers of the UN Security Council
- The U.S.-Israel Special Relationship
Real Democracies Shared Values
- Rejectionism
Over 100 Years of Chronic Arab Rejectionism
- The European Union
No Innocent Bystander, No Honest Broker
- Palestinians
Entity Defined by its Opposition to Zionism
- Do Palestinians Deserve Statehood
EU Hypocrisy: Benchmark Turks readiness for EU membership versus Palestinians readiness for statehood.
- Refugees
Arab and Jewish Refugees - The Contrast (PDF)
- Antisemitism
Antisemitism means discrimination and hatred against Jews and Israel. Requiring of Israel a behavior not expected or demanded of any other free and democratic state - is antisemitism.
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